The new year has just begun and the investors are looking to get some returns for their money. Some of you might be re-thinking of the investment strategy in the new year to earn more than last year or some might want to avoid loss. Investors constantly compare stocks vs Bitcoin.

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If you are not sure about the performance of the Bitcoin and cannot decide between stocks or Bitcoin, think again after going through the facts and details as stated here. Your new year’s resolution can be accomplished, if you are on the right track of investment.

Blockchain adoptions

The market is flooded with over 1600 cryptocurrencies to invest, but Bitcoin is going stronger and investors have full faith in it. The implementation of blockchain has given rise to an addition of another payment method that seems to be best suitable in the modern scenario.

Promising future

The past trend on the basis of market capitalization indicates that Bitcoin is here to stay in the market and has not yet reached saturation point. Based on a certain study, it was revealed that Bitcoin has given an increase of astonishing 9,150,088% returns whereas the top stock had given merely 3,156% rise.

Long-term reliability

If you compare the data of the past 5 years with major technology companies, you will find the stocks have performed well. However, the technical analysis points out that Bitcoin has long-term stability and has the potential to beat traditional stock investment of these technology companies.

Retirement portfolio

The roots of Bitcoin are deepening and the average investor is gaining from the market liquidity and regulatory guidance. Though Bitcoin has fluctuated dramatically, the small hiccups have not made the investors stopping them from getting higher returns.

Productive asset

Investment in Bitcoin is now considered as a mainstream product to trade. Investors find it easy and flexible in this digitalized era. There are many other aspects that make Bitcoin a productive asset and makes it more valuable for investors.

Technical resilience

The Bitcoin is all about demand and supply. The difficulty level in mining and increasing demand has created a good mismatch for investors. This has built an upward pressure on the exchange rates. The technical pattern studied by the experts suggest that even though there may be a dip in the Bitcoin, it would prosper and provide overall good returns in the long run.

Macro-economically hedges

The main advantage of having Bitcoin as an investment is that it is not governed by any centralized organization. There is no limitation attached to it what you see in the traditional market. The traditional market fluctuates based on the company’s performance, their stakeholders and so on. Bitcoin is independent of all these factors making it more subtle and excellent hedge.


The network of Bitcoin is very strong and free from hacking. Over the years, the mining difficulty has added the strength to Bitcoin.

Thus, from the above, it can be concluded that in order to increase your money flow, you better choose Bitcoin, certainly with risk factors attached to it.

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