Commercial and industrial facilities use various pieces of heavy equipment in their day-to-day operation. Chillers are portable refrigeration systems used in these facilities that cool down a fluid or dehumidify the air. They remove the heat from the machine, allowing the pieces to cool down in a quick and effective way. There are three types of chillers that can be used in an industrial setting. Here are the three types of industrial chillers.

Water-Cooled Chillers

The most common type of chiller used is a water-cooled chiller. With this type of chiller, water is used from an external tower which cools a gaseous refrigerant in the condenser. After the chiller collects the heat from the machine, it goes through a process that causes it to become a liquid and is recirculated into the system. This type of chiller is commonly used by commercial and industrial facilities because it’s more efficient and operates quieter than other chillers.

Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chillers use ambient air, the air that’s not contaminated by pollutants, to remove heat from a refrigerant inside the condenser. This allows it to remove the heat caused by an industrial machine. Once the heat is removed, the unit recirculates to continue removing heat from the machine to avoid overheating. While air-cooled chillers are not as quick or efficient as water-cooled chillers, this type of chiller speeds up the cooling process by attaching air fans to the unit. This is a cheaper unit to install and is typically smaller, making it more suitable for smaller facilities that have less space. The unit also heats up more than other chillers, allowing the ejected heat to be used to heat up the facility during cold times of the year.

Evaporative Condensed Chillers

Another effective chiller is an evaporative condensed chiller. This system works through the evaporation of water. The evaporation of the water removes the heat and sends it into the atmosphere. The system is the same as the body sweating to remove heat. An evaporative condensed chiller works by using a recirculating water system that provides wetting to the bare condenser tubes. Fans that blow over the condenser draws the air away from the machine and sends the heat into the atmosphere.

It’s important for a commercial and industrial facility to cool the machines inside. There are three different types of chillers that will remove heat from the machines in three different ways. Understanding how these industrial chillers work will help you find the right one.

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