Industrial chillers systems are a critical element to many businesses. They’re a significant capital investment and a major contributor to the operational costs of a facility. Since it can be a big nuisance when they’re not functioning properly, here are steps you can follow to ensure your unit works as efficiently as possible.

Keep a Daily Operating Log

Temperatures, flow rates, pressures, fluid levels, and other operating conditions must be monitored and documented every day. These parameters will help in narrowing down mechanical issues. They’ll also allow you to generate trend reports that identify functional complications before they become bigger.

What’s more, accurate and detailed logs help technicians in case maintenance and repair work are needed. They can consult the records, review them, and systematically check the cause of the issue.

Keep the Heat Transfer Tubes Clean

The efficiency of a cooling system relies on clean heat transfer tubes. If these are contaminated with mud, minerals, scaling, dust, or algae, the inside of the ducts will be coated and insulated. Clean these regularly to prevent costly maintenance, repairs, and frequent down times.

Treat the Condenser Water

Chillers use water for efficient heat transfer. Treating it helps reduce scaling, corrosion, and the growth of biological contaminants. These problems lead to a decrease in energy transmission because of buildup inside the pipes.

So, to maintain the top-notch functionality of your unit, you should continuously monitor the liquid and visually inspect it every year. You may also work with a reputable chemical-treatment expert who offers full-service maintenance on industrial coolers.

Maintain the Proper Level of Refrigerant and Oil

To ensure you have a well-conditioned chiller, send a sample of your refrigerant and oil for a chemical analysis every year. The test includes a checkup that identifies toxins, such as moisture, metals, acids, and unwanted air. This needs to be done annually to detect contamination before it worsens.

Install Variable Speed Drives

For some facilities, chillers have the largest electricity consumption. So, installing variable speed drives, or devices that vary the pace of a fixed motor, will decrease your utility bills. Having these also allows the cooling system to run more smoothly.

Maintaining your industrial cooling systems chillers can be laborious, but it’ll help the equipment last longer. Apart from these, it’ll keep your energy bills low and make a huge difference in the overall operational success of your business.

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