VPS hosting is one of the fastest-growing and most preferred hosting solutions in today’s world. This is mostly because of its abundance of features and cost-effectiveness. The plethora of features makes it a much more appealing choice in comparison to the traditional hosting solutions such as shared servers and dedicated servers.

VPS hosting is also known as a hybrid hosting solution as it consists of features of shared and dedicated servers. Your VPS server is still physically located in the same server as the other users, but it is digitally partitioned. Each virtual server consists of its own operating system where the resources are directed to a sole website.

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Reasons to use Windows VPS Hosting

The following are some reasons that can show you why a VPS hosting server is better than its alternatives.

  • Cost-effective solution: Overtime when your website grows, budgeting will be a challenge. Putting more money and trying to work on a shared server will not be efficient. Likewise, a dedicated server will be too expensive. Thus, a VPS server provides an ideal middle option being an affordable solution for small and medium businesses.
  • No “neighbor-drain” of resources: In the case of shared servers, the same resources are used by many websites. So if one website attracts all the traffic, you’ll have lesser resources to work with. This will not allow your website to grow, so you can opt for VPS hosting where your server is independent and provides a faster experience.
  • The higher level of security: VPS hosting is considered more secure because the apps and data that are stored on the virtual server are isolated from the users who are physically on the server. You can also customize by adding additional security features such as firewalls, regular backups, and intrusion monitoring.
  • The higher level of control: In a VPS server, you have more control over your virtual partition. You can control your additional security, get sole access to your available files, and also add additional software. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to test out advanced coding and test your applications more effectively.
  • Lower maintenance costs: In a dedicated server, you would have to pay for the maintenance of your server as it would be entirely owned by you. However, as the VPS server is physically shared, the hosting provider will keep your server running without any additional expense.
  • More accessible resources: In the case of VPS servers, you get to have more resources available at your disposal. These resources are not shared like it is in the case of shared servers. Furthermore, the resources can be expanded or diminished according to your requirements.


The above-mentioned points show how VPS hosting can be an affordable middle option between shared and dedicated servers for small and medium businesses. It provides the best of both worlds.

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