Are you looking for a Seamless and Secure Transition with the AWS Cloud? Choosing the advanced AWS Cloud Managed Service is one of the most effective choices for deploying the Cloud infrastructure. It mainly simplifies on-demand provisioning with pre-defined cloud stacks. AWS Managed Services is enabled with the integration and automation that meets the needs of applications. It also gives the most astounding ITSM service catalog for enabling the better stand up on applications. AWS Managed Services is helpful for operating the business without any kind of obstacles. The AWS Managed system adds more security for the business operating model. Business operations will be centralized on the Cloud platform to avoid security risks. The AWS Managed Services is helpful in automating many activities that include

  • Change Requests
  • Patch Management
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Backup Services
  • Full-Lifecycle Services

Amazon Migration Services

By choosing the AWS Managed Services, it is quite easier to gain an accurately managed environment. Romexsoft is the leading in offering the full spectrum of Amazon migration services. Now you have the better option to easily move from the bulky legacy infrastructure. This secure AWS cloud environment is agile in providing more benefits. Amazon cloud migration process mainly enables you a seamless as well as streamlined transition.

Non-Disruptive Transition:

AWS Managed Services gives you the better option for easily configuring with the logging as well as alerts on best practices. This would mainly ensure better security and system health. The AWS cloud managed services is one of the best ways to easily monitors and investigates the alerts for detecting the incidents. Using this AWS Managed Services is quite an efficient way for storing more number of operational logs, along with gaining complete access to the Cloud.

AWS Migration Methodology:

Formulating the best Migration Strategy would be helpful for easily increasing the production in the workforce. Below is the most important AWS Migration Methodology suitable for enabling better infrastructure.

  • Access And Analyze:

Professional AWS cloud managed services mainly involves examination through operations and workloads with the business logic and server types. It involves better network topology.

  • Strategy And Roadmap:

Leading experienced architects helps you to easily get migration in AWS. This is helpful for determining additional technologies with new cloud architecture.

  • Concept:

Experts offer the best POC architectural design with prototype development on assessing the post-adoption business. It is helpful for gaining better application migration towards the AWS Managed technique.

  • Migrate:

With the innovative aspects of AWS Infrastructure Development, it is easier to Migrating to the AWS. This model also involves Cloud-Native Application Development and DevOps Automation (CI/CD).

Why Choose Experts?

Romexsoft is the leading in AWS infrastructure as well as application migration software development with more than 15 years of industry experience. Experts are ready to provide AWS 24/7 Support with better Management features.

  • Capable of managing multiple environments
  • Certified engineers
  • 24/7 assistance
  • DR assistance
  • Automation with backup, restore, instance features
  • Real-time monitoring
  • ITIL management
  • Accurate audit

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