The rediscovery of CBD with its huge popularity and widespread ongoing research has made it a very versatile product. Nowadays you can find a variety of CBD products with health and cosmetics benefits. New continuous research is helping it spread worldwide.

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Though it is popular, a lot of misconceptions about the product are also in tow with all the good. This misleading and half-truth research has confused customers about the safety and efficiency of CBD. However, CBD es legal en mexico, so it is easily accessible for the locals.

  • Using CBD isn’t that common – While the news and study flying around tell you that everyone is using CBD products, it isn’t true. Based on a survey, while 86 percent of Americans have heard about CBD products, a mere 18 percent or so have tried it. So, it isn’t that mainstream.
  • CBD can be extracted from Hemp and Marijuana – Many think that cannabis can only be extracted from hemp, which is false. Although hemp has CBD in more amounts than marijuana, making it easier for extraction, marijuana can also produce high strands of CBD.
  • CBD products don’t trigger a high – Everywhere you read, CBD products are listed as non-intoxicating and can be used by people of all ages. Though indeed, the product won’t get you stoned or high, it does affect the brain to a certain degree. CBD does interact with the neurotransmitters in the brain, thus altering it and helping the body cope with stress and anxiety.
  • CBD is one of the 100 Cannabinoids being studied – Though CBD and THC are amongst the most researched cannabinoids molecules, there are many others present as trace amounts. There is still research to be done on how the combination of these different phytocannabinoids will affect the body and health.
  • Your body absorbs CBD, no question asked – whether the CBD is derived from a hemp plant or marijuana the body absorbs it, as it is the same on a molecular level. Our body doesn’t care where the CBD is coming from.
  • Best way to consume CBD – Though there are a variety of CBD products available in the market, research suggests CBD oils and gel-based products are most more effectively absorbed by the body rather than solids like capsules and gummies.
  • CBD is also for healthy people – Even If most research and news about how CBD is affecting and treating people with health issues, CBD can also be used by healthy people. Having CBD as part of your healthy diet routine will help maintain balance within the body to prevent deficiencies. It can also be administered to your pets.

Much still remains to be learnt and uncovered about the potential of the CBD compound and products. Consumer awareness is vital to go forward with cannabinoid research.


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